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Country In The City


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Explore historical class 3 royal temple Wat Nang Chi built during the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1351-1767) and discover its history and legends that exist to this day. View the location that the 1974 James Bond movie was filmed. Visit 2 charming villages: Bang Kho and Chom Thong, where early Chinese migrants settled and learn its culture, heritage while hearing some of its folklores. Tour also visits class 1 royal temple Wat Ratcha Orasaram to admire its reclining Buddha. Experience river houses and visit a village train station house to savor some special grilled beef & pork from Sahkon Nahkon. Tour ends with a sumptuous Thai-Chinese meal in a local restaurant with rustic ambience. This walking tour is environment friendly, supports local communities and donates to Wat Nang Chi to support its restoration and expansion.

Country In The City; Bangkok, is a walking tour that consists of rich culture, heritage and history, is immersive, environmental friendly and supports the local community. A 4 hours' morning or afternoon tour with local lunch or dinner respectively, visits to a historical royal temples and villages, packed with legends, folklores, and beliefs. Ideal for all ages, a great experience all visitors to Bangkok.


Wat Nang Chi Chotikaram
From  mid Ayutthaya Period 1351 - 1767 

A Temple that befits the King then

The History of Wat Nang Chi dates back to mid Ayutthaya period (1351 to 1767)when a nobleman pledged to build a village Buddhist altar if his daughter recovers from a severe illness. It is situated in the Thonburi district of Siam; the old capital of Thailand during Thonburi Kingdom. This temple was then abandoned and later rebuilt in the 1700s during the King Rama III of the Rattanakosin period (1782–1932). With strong Influences from China at that time, Wat Nang Chi became a mix of Chinese and Thai architecture and design in its rebuilt. The infrastructure and artifacts in both prayer halls remain largely intact to this day. As it is located next to Khlong Dan (canal), the Chak Phra festival is celebrated annually. As a major Buddhism festival, Chak Phra's literal means ‘the hauling of Buddha’ and is celebrated in big ways especially in coastal Thailand during the 1st waning moon of the 11th Thai lunar month. Wat Nang Chi became the first and only temple in Bangkok to celebrate Chak Phra with a river procession annually and was attended by the late His Majesty King Chulalongkorn and Her Royal Highness Princes Kathin in 1879.


Experience Wat Nang Chi's Uniqueness

Unique from other temples, your guide will show how the Buddha’s relic is enshrined, instead of normally placed in a pagoda by other temple, by using a special imported glass. Listen to how the Chak Phra procession was named the ‘Royal Parade’. Identify the key parts of the temple structure influnced by Chinese art and culture. Find out why Wat Nang Chi is about the only temple in Thailand allowed to enshrine the bodies of a nun and a child on its grounds.  Hear legends and folklores as far back as 300 years that still circulate within the local community, like how the water that seeped from the Buddha’s statue’s hand had helped the villages. View the pair of stone pillars specially ordered from China by His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn and bestowed upon this temple as pillars for its royal pier. Make your personal wishes and receive blessings from the temple's monk.

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A New Life, next 300 years.

Due to the Covid pandemic and resettlement in the vicinity, Wat Nang Chi was neglected in recent years but fortunately in early 2022, the community gathered to resurrect its history and prestige. Fund raising activities commenced to improve buildings and expand facilities for worshippers and visitors. A marketplace for local vendors and a pier for visitors by boat are also planned on its large grounds if sufficient funds can be attained.


At the Hearts of Thai People: Temples

There are over 40,000 temples in Thailand and only about 220 are designated royal class.  Few are as old nor have as rich a history as Wat Nang Chi, which is a designated a third-class royal temple in a religious structure that classifies temples into three royal and one ordinary class status. 

ANK & ARichGlobe will donate to Wat Nang Chi with every conducted tour to help preserve its history, heritage and for the rejuvenation program of its temple grounds and facilities.  To further support the temple and local community, ARichGlobe plans to create a community space with IT learning facilities for young children from low-income families. 

Education is ageless

Proposed community IT area

The Thonburi district used to be the first area that Chinese immigrants settled down in the 17th century followed by immigrants from other countries. It also used to be notorious for its triads and gangsters amongst different migrant groups. The entire area was mostly fruit farms and plantations in earlier days and did not advance as fast as other parts of the city.


ARichGlobe envisions creation of a community space, located within Wat Nang Chi's grounds, for area residents, especially young children from low income households, free use of the computers and receive guidance on digital programs used in modern society and business communication. Classes and workshops for older residents can also be organised. More activities can help raise more awareness and support for Wat Nang Chi. 

Contact for more details or if you wish to partner us.

Did James Bond visit Wat Nang Chi?

Before leaving Wat Nang Chi, remember to take a stroll around the temple grounds and visit the khlong too. The same site was used as location shoot for the 1974 James Bond movie: The Man With The Golden Gun, which starred Roger Moore is his last Agent 007 movie! In that sense, the character James Bond did visit Wat Nang Chi!


More about Country In The City 


From the Wutthakast BTS Station as meeting point, the first stop of Country In The City tour is Wat Nang Chi Chotikaram. After a comprehensive tour of this temple,, your guide will walk you through the village of Bang Kho, making interesting stops along the way before reaching the village of Chom Thong and so on. Below is a graphical route of your tour and activities you can expect in this special 4 hours fully immersive tour.


End of Tour

Wutthakat Station

Start/Meeting Point

Wat Nang Chi

Wat Nang Chi 11.jpg

Bang Kho Village

Chom Thong Village

River Houses

Home Visit

Wat Ratcha Orasaram

Authentic Sakon Nahkon Grilled Beef/Pork


Walk to Wutthakat
BTS Station

Pax are free to explore the area on their own after the meal
BTS Station.png


2 tours daily from 1 October 2022 Saturday
AM Tour
9.00am to 1.00pm
PM Tour
3.00pm to 7.00pm
Private Tours (min 4 pax)
Add this amount to AM or PM Tour prices

Price per person

Baht 1550

Baht 1,318

Baht 1690

Baht 1,437

add Baht55 per person

15% off all tours for Kingston hotels customers only. Promo code: KING15

 Tours recommended for children 10 years and above
♥ All bookings are confirmed 5 days prior to selected dates.
 Full refund if tour is cancelled by operator due to bad weather or similar conditions.
Join tour basis in small groups capped at 15 persons.
Private tours booking require minimum 4 persons onwards.
Unsuitable for wheelchairs and people with physical or walking conditions.

All tours are conducted in English
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Meeting Point

Outside 7 Eleven store

Exit 2 of BTS Wutthakat Station

(Silom Line)

Approximately 20min train ride from BTS Siam Station

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Getting There

From Sukhumvit, take the BTS Sukhumvit Line to Siam Station. Cross to opposite side of platform to take the BTS Silom Line towards Bang Wa. Alight at Wutthakat Station (S11), second last stop of Silom Line. Take Exit 2 to street level where 7 Eleven store is on the left side.

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