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Privacy Policy

As we take your privacy seriously, please read this Privacy Policy document carefully and entirely before commencing use of our platforms and services.  This policy includes the use of all platforms including our Affiliate and Co-brand partners and may appear under a different brand, design and layout but are all clearly marked as Platforms Powered By ARichGlobe.  Please ensure to check that all these affiliated or co-branded platforms that you use carry the notification of the platforms being powered by Arichglobe.  When you use Arichglobe’s platforms, you will always be prompted to accept cookies and provision of personal data and by accepting these prompts, you are consenting to the practices and terms as described in this Privacy Policy.  We encourage all users to regularly review this Privacy Policy as updates and changes can be implemented without prior notices. 

About ARichGlobe's Privacy Policy

When you use Arichglobe’s platforms, your personal data are held by Arichglobe Pte Ltd a registered e-commerce company in Singapore and by any of its subsidiaries that are involved in the operating of our platforms and services.  These information are maintained on a dedicated server to ensure security and will not be shared with any third party unless it is absolutely necessary for fulfilment.

What personal data are collected

When you make a purchase, our services require you to provide some or all of the following information about yourself or the recipient that you have assigned us to deliver your purchase to.

1. Full registered name

2. Email address.

3. Mobile phone number.

4. Residence phone number.

6. Address for delivery.  

7. Declaration of minimum age for purchase of items in countries that set age requirements.

8.  Other data when necessary depending on the product and country of delivery.  Additional information or charges such as verification by the recipient may be required when you instruct a purchased item to be delivered to another person and/or address.  

9.  The system has a customer section where more personal preferences and some particulars are requested for ARichGlobe to serve you better.  These are optional information for users to share and are not intended in anyways to push marketing and sales tactics unnecessarily.


When using our platforms and services, we may need to collect other personal data such as some personal identification data such as gender, date of birth, picture, bank account name and bank information (only when necessary) to fulfil our services or as required by our third party fulfilment partners.  Although your transaction data are already captured by our system, we may also during the course of processing orders require you to provide certain transaction information again for verification purposes.


Electronic data such as internet protocol (IP) address, browser types, locations, time zones, devices use to access our platforms, web pages viewed, duration of site visits, buffering durations, types of operating systems used may also be collected by our systems, upon your acceptance.


At times of suspected violation of use of our platforms and services, or upon orders by government authorities, more information may be required from our users upon presenting supporting documents for rights of asking such information.

Why Do We Collect Personal Data

We ask for personal data whenever you register for a user account, to complete your purchases, and to provide better marketing services.  Electronically we collect digital data via cookies and/or other electronic identifiers.  Usage of these cookies are always upon your acceptance whenever you log onto our platforms.

Cookies are small files which first seeks your permission to be placed onto your computer's hard drive. Upon your agreement, the file is added to your computer.  Such cookies are intended to enhance your shopping and customer service experiences and help us analyse web traffic and activate the website applications to respond to you more efficiently as a user.  These information are for data analysis purpose and the data are removed from the system.  Cookies can also be used for our online chat support to save you time to repeat entering the same details each time you use such applications.  Overall, cookies help us provide you with a better website, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us.

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. However doing so may also prevent you from taking full advantage of the website’s applications and user features.

How Do We Collect Personal Data

Your personal data are collected via different processes depending on the occasion and purpose of the data such as when you create a personal account on our platform, when you use our platforms to search for items, when you receive our communication materials or notifications or when you engage our customer services, call centre or operations.  Under all circumstances, it is deemed that the information you provide are accurate and any false statements or declarations are solely your responsibility regardless of the outcome or consequences.  Many of these information need to be filled up online on our platforms and it is your responsibility to clear the cache on your computer or other devices before filling them up on our online forms or documents so that any previous information last used by you for other purposes and are saved by your devices are not erroneously used.  When providing us personal information, please also ensure you are handling it by yourself as mistakes made by any third parties cannot be used against Arichglobe for capturing wrong data or information.  If we require any data from you over the phone, it will not consist of any sensitive information such as your credit card number, credit card verification numbers (CCV) or personal details. 

How To Protect Your Account Data and Information

Foremost your account log in credentials and your payment details are confidential and should not be shared or allowed to be used by a third party.  Our payment system uses different security protocols such as 3D Secure or multi factors authentication depending on the country of use. These are payment security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. Please follow the instructions accordingly and do not attempt to short cut the procedures as it interferes with your payment process.  It is also important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your password and to your computers, devices, and applications. Always remember to sign or log off when finished using our platform and clear your internet browser and cache especially if you do share your computer with other users.  These are good online practises to minimise the risks of your personal information being exposed. Any breach or loss of data resulting in material loss or damage due to neglect of data management on your part will not be the responsibilities of Arichglobe and its companies that provide the platform and services. 

Users' Rights

You may seek clarity as to what data of you we hold in our system by sending us an email and with verification of your good self.  Your request will be attended within 5 working days.  You may also request for your data to be removed, however please do note that for certain data to be removed will involve having to delete your account at the same time.  When we delete user accounts, we may still have to retain certain data to fulfil our own legal and administrative obligations.  You may also remove yourself from any marketing communications by Unsubscribing to the materials you receive from us and will be unable to enjoy notifications of good offers and deals.  User rights may differ in different countries and under normal circumstances of ambiguity, we apply the general rules of the country that ARichGlobe’s entity is registered.

Updates of Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may need to update this Privacy Policy as new rules or privacy policies are implemented either by local authorities or as measures to enhance your privacy.  Such changes will be updated in this posting while any significant changes that requires your immediate attention will be notified via your contact


details or in the course of your usage of our platforms. Where permissible under local laws, your continued use of the Services, access to our platforms or use of our services, including placing Orders (as defined in the Terms

of Use) on the Platform, or express consent thereto, shall constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes we make to

this Privacy Policy. You also agree to check back frequently for any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy.

Who Might Contact You

Under most circumstances, ARichGlobe’s Operations and Customer Care personnel would communicate with you for any fulfilment, payment and return/refund matters.  The default mode of communication is via email but in the event there is no response within 3 working days as a standard, we might have to call your home telephone or mobile phone number.  Urgent matters may require a phone call as and when necessary and we will keep it to within normal office hours but this will be executed only after a short messaging notice.  Under no other circumstances or marketing activities would we contact you via phone.  None of our participating merchants, marketing partners or vendors are authorised to contact you at all times.  

Only under circumstances that your purchase is based on a direct fulfilment by the merchant that the merchant might contact you in as far as fulfilment matters are concerned.  The party responsible for fulfilment is always stated in your purchase order and confirmation.

How Secure Is My Personal Information with ArichGlobe

We designed and maintained our systems with the utmost security and privacy considerations.  We work to protect the security of your personal information during transmission by using encryption protocols and software in the processing of your personal data.  We also follow the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and are certified before handling credit card data.  In our operating systems, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedures to safeguard the collection, transfer, storage, and disclosure of personal customer information. Our security procedures mean that we may at times need to request additional proof of identity.


Our devices offer security features to protect them against unauthorised access and loss of data. If at any time you are unsure or require specific clarifications, please contact our Customer Services immediately before proceeding to use our platforms and services. 


Again as a friendly reminder, your continued use of our platforms and services imply you are in agreement and acceptance of our privacy policies and have read our privacy policy.

Suspicion Of Data Breach or Compromise

As our customer and user of our platform and services, if at any time you have reasons to suspect a compromise of the security of your account, data, purchase or communication materials, you need to contact us immediately by email to inform us of your findings or suspicions.  

Contact details for all matters: or 


ARichGlobe does not take responsibility for the accuracy, content and use of data from merchants or third parties’ websites that are re-directed from ARichGlobe. All users should refer to each merchant’s or third party’s privacy policies and query them accordingly if unsure.

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