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Wandering Traveler

Asia's 1st integrated retail and travel marketing platform.

Built for travel companies,

by travel professionals.

In collaboration with

ASITA Batam Chapter

In collaboration with
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Dear ASITA Member (Batam)


On behalf of ASITA Batam Chapter, we would like to invite you to attend our special intro & demo session to know more about ARichGlobe; Asia’s 1st integrated retail & travel marketing platform.  2020 was a disastrous year for the global travel and tourism industry and as the pandemic continues to disrupt travel into 2021 and beyond, lets prepare for a new normal, new travel trends and patterns.  With ARichGlobe, you can capitalise on the enormous e-commerce growth trends, engage more consumers, build up customer databases while generating an income and promote travel services concurrently.  You will learn how to use e-commerce to generate more income and grow your customer base concurrently to promote your travel business. 

About ARichGlobe

Built by travel professionals specially for the travel and tourism and retail sectors, ARichGlobe integrates retail and travel marketing to offer both sectors: ● a new income channel   ●  a new ancillary income source  ● more targeted marketing  ●  lower costs in customer engagement and acquisition  ● more attractive offers and stronger product values to attract more customers         ● without incurring more product costs or the need to sell at higher prices.


Our USPs

Full e-commerce platform to serve local & international shoppers.   Purposed built cross marketing module lets travel companies promote travel products in e-commerce environment.  Online affiliate program allows retail and travel companies to leverage each other's brands and products to create stronger offers and values to attract more customers.  Participating merchants can earn unlimited affiliation fees monthly with regional partners!  Our regional bank partners and corporate recreation program for shopping & travel will help our participating merchants market to a more qualified customer base of over 20m* in the region.  With state of the art digital marketing solutions, we are able to conduct better business in the new normal.

*Target user base by 2022

Introduction and Demonstration Virtual Sessions

For ASITA members only, the following intro & demo

sessions is available: 

2 September 2021

Thursday @ 11.00am  (Singpapore time)

Invite your teams to attend too!

*The session is about 60 minutes including Q&A and caters up to maximum 100 registered attendees only.  

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Special Offer to ASITA Members


1.  Full waiver of participation fees for 1st year (savings of up to SGD1,800)!

2.  Special monthly listing fees** to promote travel products* (savings of SGD450)!

3.  Special transaction and collection fees when retailing merchandise* (non travel products)!

4.  Special discount of 50% on all optional digital marketing solutions!


Valid till 16 September 2021

*   unlimited travel products / SKUs can be published
**  For promotion of travel products, zero sales commissions for bookings, only a         small monthly listing fee applies
***Based on Solitaire package
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A new online business model,
for a new normal

Contact Us

We look forward to meeting all MATTA members at these demo sessions and

If you are already convinced to join as merchant, please register on our website.

For immediate answers, please contact any of us below:

A woman standing at a souvenir store

Lina Yanti

Hi, I am in charge of commercials and will be most pleased to assist with any questions you may have about being a travel merchant on ARichGlobe. 

My email is

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