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Gens Y and Z are our future customers. As we engage them now, we also build our future. These consumers digest massive information quickly, have become more discern and execute decisions with their fingers.

Accommodation is the second most booked travel component and one that travellers spend the most time with literally. The age old connotation; hotel is a home away from home, means more than ever before as the outside world remains unpredictable. 

Hospitality can now go beyond the traditional services of accommodation and meals, with ARichGlobe's StayAwhile, a business partnership that offers introduction and recommendation of local brands, products and services to hotels' guests, the exact things that travellers seek. It offers information, convenience, quality, fulfilment and customer services, on behalf of hotels. As a trusted voice, hotels can extend further its services through the StayAwhile program.

The program is fully managed by ARichGlobe and integrated into the hotel's guests services and marketing,, relieving hotels all operational responsibilities. Yet this partnership program offers hotels:

1. A New Income stream without adding operational cost.

2. More exciting guest experience that appeals to next gen travellers.

3. More direct bookings that improves REVPAR.

4. New customers who seek convenience and value added services.

5. Continuous customer engagement even after their hotel stay.

This program makes hotels an important window to local businesses. More partnership with the retail and travel sectors can be formed which in turn improves mutual support and creates more synergy.

Navigating in Woods


Hotels used to enjoy a captive audience status but somehow it is lost as destinations develop and information becomes readily available.


Today's travellers are hard pressed for time, thus good and reliable information and the all important word of mouth are beneficial to the traveller and it cannot be from a better source than the hotel.

Hospitality can now take on a new dimension with the StayAwhile partnership that offers guests invaluable information and access to all things local.

Image by Fernando Álvarez Rodríguez


The retail industry constantly evolves with new designs, materials and features to keep customers engaged but it also needs to stay very visible to visitors. 

Hotels and StayAwhile offer local brands a direct communication and marketing channel to visitors saving on expensive advertisements and even retail space for some.

Local brands can continue to engage visitors even when they have returned home through the StayAwhile portal.

Image by Arturo Rey


shopping spots group.jpg

Hotels cannot change its location nor the environment. But thanks to technology, e-commerce and a little creativity, we can greatly enhance your location by bringing all the great shopping, recreation and entertainment to your hotel. 

Regardless of your hotel's location, we can bring the night markets of  Ratchada, the wholesale fashions of Pratunam, the art and craft collections of Chatuchak or the great food and supplements of Chinatown, to your guests for their shopping pleasure and enjoyment round the clock.


Under the Duvet

What to buy...where to buy....what to eat...where to eat....which tour is best for the family.....which tour operator to book with.... the excitement is great but ask any organisers, the task can be daunting too when lacking in information and recommendations. 


Too far away for a popular local snack at midnight.... too comfortable in the hotel room to step out again.... I should had just bought it at the shop earlier....not enough time to be everywhere.... the list goes on.

StayAwhile eradicates these visitors' pains points, helps form better decisions quicker, offers more convenience while assuring quality and fulfilment 24/7.



Our 14 product groups ensure all local things that are useful, meaningful, relevant and important to visitors are available. 

Adults can shop online and book local travel services. The young can play online games. A virtual medical consultation service with qualified doctors in different medical fields are available 24/7 in an emergency. The business traveller who needs future housing, legal, finance or business advice can seek advice from a pool of qualified local consultants.

StayAwhile is a directory and a virtual concierge 24/7. It helps visitors access more local places and things physically and virtually. Shopping, booking a tour or buying an entrance ticket can be done anytime and anywhere. Our multi language speaking customer service ensures help and assistance.


We provide a co-branded portal that enhances the hotel's brand presence and offers continuous engagement with guests.

We organise the right content and deals to always add more values to house guests.


We curate merchants to ensure quality. Products and services offered are kept relevant and appropriate to the hotel's guest profiles while no conflict of interest with the hotel is guaranteed.


Our principle is to offer what visitors want and not what we want to sell.

The cloud hosted and mobile responsive portal ensures easy access anytime and place.

ARichGlobe commits to full data security and integrity for hotels and privacy policies for merchants and customers.

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In these unpredictable and disruptive market conditions, placing more focus on the customer errs less and benefits more. The StayAwhile program is a comprehensive business model carefully crafted to ensure win-win-win for the hotel-ARichGlobe-customer trilogy.


StayAwhile serves as a sustainable collaboration platform for the hospitality, retail and travel sectors to offer stronger values to visitors. It eliminates duplications in marketing, reduces customer acquisition and distribution costs and creates more business opportunities for all local brands regardless of size and location.

Very significantly, it provides a strong business alternative in the next crisis.

At a macro level, it hopes to minimise the traveller's carbon trails and ease congestions.

Creating rich moments

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