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Strong Brand Alignment and Product Leverage

ARichGlobe is exclusive to hospitality and travel companies and local retail brands that are authentic to destinations with products that reflect its local culture, heritage, history, design and creation.

There is strong brand alignment and all our merchants can  leverage on each other's strengths to create more values for customers.  


Coming soon, a dynamic affiliation program for retail and travel companies

Leverage with compatible brands and products that complements yours to be promoted effortlessly on ARichGlobe and seamlessly into your own platforms.

Lesser merchants and only products that meet the destination theme offer better brand visibility and product exposure for our merchants.  Customers* who prefer this shopping format are also more discerning, shops more often with better spending power while 59% of our survey respondents who like this shopping concept travel an average of 5 times per annum (*based on regional consumer survey conducted in October 2020). 

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