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The integration of e-commerce and travel marketing is a powerful combination to engage customers of the future.  The increasing online shopping trend offers an excellent channel to create brand and product awareness to a massive audience.  Under such times when all marketing budgets are curtailed, the combined resources of complementing brands will be a most effective way to maintain presence in an overly crowded online place.


ARichGlobe's target marketing approach filters out affluent and discerning shoppers and travellers offering our merchants a better quality reach and stronger consumer engagement and acquisition.  


ARichGlobe's platform is purposed built for retail and travel companies to affiliate each other online effortlessly and seamlessly.  When two half dollar budgets are combined, a full dollar's worth of marketing effect is still achieved.  After all, its the same customer being targeted. 


Its modules enable hotels to promote not only guest rooms but also F & B and Banquets (voucher, dine in or home delivery) and other in-house merchandise including concierge services or even grocery online!

The platform helps all merchants expand customer database and generate multiple income streams which defrays marketing costs further.


ARichGlobe's destination theme provides brand alignment for all retail and travel merchants.  The e-commerce model provides excellent sampling of destinations and local brands.   


Our multi channel and connection capabilities include 2 ways API with other e-commerce systems,  whitelabel solutions and custom hosting of mirco sites for specific destinations and organisations.  

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